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    What is important between social media and website

    In the recent past, social media has gained traction among many companies. With the continually increasing social media user base, businesses have sought to leverage social networks to reach and engage prospective customers. The evolving social media ecosystem has also enhanced ease of use of these networks and provided more capabilities for businesses. For example, Facebook has made it simple for local businesses to create content that targets local audiences. However, as much as social media is important in your customer engagement strategy, you may be forgetting something.

    Website is King. Social media is queen.

    Simply put, you can’t build a brand solely relying on social media. A website is not just your storefront, it serves a huge purpose in your online marketing strategy. It is unfortunate that some businesses lack websites despite their importance.

    Here’s why you should have a website:

    Why is a website more important?

    1. A website is the face of your company in the virtual world. It’s the virtual representation of your physical business. With over half of the world population connected to the internet, you have a large online audience you can target. Not all people connected to the internet use social media platforms. This is where the website comes in handy. It gives you the capability to establish your online presence and increase your visibility. As a result, you can get customers to your virtual storefront and persuade them to ‘window shop’ and possibly take action such as making a purchase. In other words, the website is your lead generation machine that can bring customers even when you are not advertising offline.
    2. A website can help you build trust among customers. Trust remains a key factor in influencing online audiences. That’s why some companies use trust badges offered by credible organizations on their websites. You might have seen ‘Trusted by’ labels on some websites. This is just one way of building trust among consumers. Businesses with a social media account but lack a website cannot influence their potential customers as they would like. Why? A website builds the credibility of a company and can help it earn the trust of its visitors.
    3. You can build authority and reputation with a website. Authority and reputation are major factors considered by online consumers. Whether you are a service-based business or blog, these two factors can influence your sales. With a website, you can build authority and reputation by curating credible information that engages your visitors. This gives you an edge over other businesses as you may become the go-to website in a particular niche. For example, HubSpot became the leader in inbound marketing by publishing case studies and informative articles.
    4. A website has more business capabilities than social media. While many social media platforms have advanced features such as analytics, they can’t beat the range of business tools available on websites. With a website, you have access to many essential features such as lead generation tracking, email marketing, traffic monitoring, among others. These tools can help you monitor your website traffic and conversion rate which are key metrics that can help you attune your website to customer behaviours which equal more sales. Also, you can create Google or Bing ads to drive traffic to your website.

    What should you do?

    Now that you’ve learned a website is a key tool in your customer engagement strategy, what should you do?

    I advise you to look for professional website developers in Kenya to design a website that matches your requirements. This may be hectic if you don’t know any website developer who can help you but there are many companies that can assist you. Hudutech is one of them. Having developed websites for major brands, it is the go-to website design company in Kenya.

    When hiring a website developer, it’s imperative to note that the website design can make or break your business. Website design is a key metric that influences user experience which in turn can improve or diminish your search engine rankings. As such, you should consider working with professional web development companies such as Hudutech.


    That being said, it is still important to use social media. A website is not an alternative to social media. As I said earlier, the two are interlinked. You should have a comprehensive marketing strategy that integrates website and social media. Social networks will help you influence your target audience on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and drive traffic to your site. On the other hand, your website will assist you to convert potential customers into purchasers. So what are you waiting for? Order your website now or call 0701201390

    Written by: Mbogo Vincent

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