Social Media App Development
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Social Media App Development

Hudutech develop professional social media applications that assist businesses and companies to reach their target market. We have a great reputation when it comes to creating social media apps. Some of the apps include dating apps, business apps and travel apps.

Social media industry have a great potential in a business perspective. Although, there are dominant companies already, the rapid change of technology is creating new opportunities for new players. We help business actualize there ideas in creating superp social media apps.

App developers for a social media app
Developing a social media app

Why Choose Hudutech as your Social Media App Development Company?

  1. We are Consistent and offer quick support and services.
  2. We use modern technology and methodology to develop a mobile app for social media.
  3. We use affordable solutions using open source development platforms
  4. We have a skilled team of dedicated professionals with unmatched domain expertise.
  5. We provide bespoke mobile apps that enable your business to increase growth, profit, and enhanced services.

Great Features we include in social media Apps

Image and video editing

Real-time chat

Push Notification

Map integration

Social Media integration

Media upload and sharing


Profile creation

Some of the areas we develop apps in social media include:

Social network analysis tool

Analytics is vital, thus, we create solutions for our clients to get insights into how their social campaigns are running and also how users are interacting with their app.

Messaging app

Hudutech team recognizes that the future of social media is in messaging and real-time chats. Thus, we create platforms that help realtime connections in a secure, hack-proof environment.

Video-based apps

We are experts in the creation of a range of different video-centric apps. While on the one hand, our clients trust us with the development of YouTube-like app, we also have made video call apps for the end-users to connect with their peers on a face to face level whenever they are.

Social game app development

We create networking, excitement, and technology together with our social gaming apps, which provides the end-users exciting experience to connect and enjoy. Video games are user-friendly and interactive.

Mobile dating apps

We develop mobile dating apps, Driven by the geolocation ability and a robust verification algorithm, and we make things more comfortable in the dating world by giving the users a secure and straightforward platform to form relationships.