Healthcare App Development
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Healthcare App Development

We are the leading healthcare app development company in Kenya that provides superb mobile healthcare apps.

Hudutech team comprises healthcare developers who develop healthcare apps from the idea, design, development, testing, launching and maintaining.

Hudutech Ventures offers custom healthcare apps to revolutionize healthcare and also cater to needs affecting patients, professionals, pharmacists, hospital administration, and many others.

Healthcare software developers
Healthcare app developers

Why choose us to develop your healthcare app?

  1. Compliant– We ensure all the app that we develop are compliant to both international and local regulations.
  2. Comprehensive– We develop complete apps to cater to all stakeholders needs.
  3. Compliant– We ensure all the app that we develop are compliant to both international and local regulations.
  4. Comprehensive– We develop complete apps to cater to all stakeholders needs.
  5. Connected– We develop healthcare apps that are secure and allow seamless communication between doctors and patients and all stakeholders.
  6. Confidential– We live and breathe data confidentiality. All records are secured and protected to prevent any authorized party from accessing it.

Great Features we include in healthcare Apps


Built-in calendar

Push Notification


Social Media integration

Payment Integration

Analytics and activity tracking

In-App messages

Some of the areas we develop apps in healthcare include:

Patient Gateway

Our team uses APIs such as Apple Healthkit, and this gives the power back to the patients with our solutions that are keen on giving patients full access to their health and bills related data.

Software integration

We develop mobile prescribing solutions to save data, such as a patient’s allergies, biometrics, and prescription data. Our solutions assist in simplifying prescription management while reducing medication errors.

Lifestyle tracking

We create apps that users use to monitor and track their daily physical activities. The apps are developed in both mobile and wearable versions. Our solutions bring health to users by just a click.

Medical insurance claim

We have vast experience in developing healthcare apps that enable users and their insurance providers in close connection to help fetch details of the insurance plan, the exact benefit they can avail from a click of a button

Electronic health information exchange

We create HIPAA - compliant Medical Solutions that allow all medical practitioners, doctors, pharmacists, and patients to view and share patient’s medical information safely.

Laboratory management

At Hudutech, we understand the operational challenges that a laboratory faces. We create customized solutions for information management, depending on the lab size and their specialities.

Electronic health record

We build secure and HIPAA-compliant electronic health record systems that are simple to use and to integrate to the hospital/clinic’s present system.


Hudutech team develops mobile prescribing apps to save information about patient’s allergies, biometrics, and prescription data. Our apps make it easy to manage prescriptions while reducing medication mistakes.

Process management

We develop process management apps to streamline all the time-taking processes in hospitals like appointments, scheduling, and patient’s check-in.