Blockchain app development services
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Blockchain app development services

We are one of the leading Blockchain development companies that focus on solving problems using blockchain technology. We have years of experience and skills needed to design, develop, and manage bespoke Dapps.

At Hudutech, we utilize the vast advantages of Blockchain and Decentralization technology to develop solutions for your business to cater to your business needs. We not only provide you, Blockchain developers, but we also offer designers and Marketers to assist you in building your brand. Our development team has skills in different frameworks such as Ethereum, solidity, Hyperledger Fabric, Quorum, and r3 Corda.

Our Expertise in Blockchain Ecosystem

As Blockchain is transforming businesses, we developed a reputation as the leading Blockchain App development company in Kenya by developing apps that are scalable, secure, and transparent. Some of the areas we  work in blockchain include:

Smart Contracts Development

We help different industries such as Finance, Health, and the public sector in developing professional Contract Systems that streamline businesses.

IEO and ICO Services

We offer different IEO and ICO services that include formulating your idea for investors, generation of Cryptocurrency for distribution, writing of white papers, and marketing your IEO and ICO.

Fullstack distributed solutions

We turn your idea to a Dapp. We work with you from the concept, design, development, testing, and Launching of your completed Dapp.

Private Blockchain

We build professional distributed ledger and codebase, which limits participation in the open-source distributed ledger.

Custom Blockchain Solutions

We provide a custom blockchain solution to cater to your unique needs.

The Process We Follow


Requirement Gathering

Here we gather all the requirement needed to carry out your project.


User Interface Design

Here we design how your app or website will appear to the user.



Here we develop the application/ website according to the features the client needs.


Quality Assurance

We ensure your app is 100% bug-free, we don't compromise on quality in any way.


Going Live

Here your application or website becomes accessible to your target users.


Support & Maintenance

In case of any issue, we are there to solve it in the shortest time possible