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    Huduma Namba, is a service provided by the Kenya government through the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMIS) for free.  The service involves collecting Biometric data and producing the Huduma Number from the biometric data. The Huduma Number can be used to access government services such as birth certificate, driving licence and National Identity Card among others. To get the number you do not need to go to your place of birth.

    The Huduma Namba will consolidate person information such as ID number, KRA personal identification Number, driving license and other information. All that data now will be saved in one database. After the new registration, the data is verified before one is issued with any kind of card thus you should not through away your ID’s and DL’s.

    The Kenyan Government will profit from Huduma Namba in providing social services, national planning, project resource allocation, etc.  The registration is for people aged six years old and above. After mass registration, the gadgets used in registering will be left with local area chief to continue registering births, deaths, marriages and make any other necessary updates and changes to the system. Foreigners staying for a short term are not required to get Huduma Namba, only non-citizens such as workers, students, and asylum seekers can acquire it.




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