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    The Kenyan government has started the Huduma Namba National Identity Management System (NIIMS) program. The NIIMS is a platform for the registering and keeping records of Kenyan Citizens and foreigners who are in the country. It will create a master population register that will be used as a single source of identity of a person

    Huduma Namba, is a service provided by the Kenya government through the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMIS) for free.  The service involves collecting Biometric data and producing the Huduma Number from the biometric data. The Huduma Number can be used to access government services such as birth certificate, driving licence and National Identity Card

    Ever fallen prey to ‘very promising’ website scammers? Well, sometimes we win, sometimes we learn. The online market also has its share of immoral beings. Our ignorance and naivety is their bread and butter. Ever thought why the online space seems so rewarding? It’s because it is! And you have the chance to ride the

    A company website is very valuable. But so is your money. Professionalism is very valuable But it should not be exaggerated to milk you dry. Website design cost in Kenya is taking a new dimension. Some website developers in Kenya are ready to pounce on your money just to leave you high and dry afterwards.

    Why work 8 hours while you can work 10,000 hours a day? You can multiply your productivity by tenfold, a hundredfold, or a thousandfold. All you need is the requisite technology. In 2019, technology, success in business, and a website/smartphone app must be used in the same sentence. The combo is near perfect when applied

    93% of business purchase decisions start with an online search.  ‘Cheapest malls in Nairobi’ ‘Latest movies in 2019’ ‘Best places to spend a weekend in Nairobi’ You can relate. Right? I too. –Making Google your friend. If your business does not have a website, you are only tapping 7% of the potential customers. Visibility No

    Technology is fast revolutionizing. And so is the business world. Customers have learned the art of easy shopping. At the pinnacle of technology today, everyone is online. So, if someone is looking for the best business to purchase from, where do you think they will go? You’re right: online. Did you know? …that you lose

    The phantom 4 pro is a powerful drone that has the features of an upgraded Phantom 4 though it is most important to note that its performance is better that that of phantom 4. It has faster ascent speed and also the overall speed which are all achievable with new motors and a very strong

    In the recent past, social media has gained traction among many companies. With the continually increasing social media user base, businesses have sought to leverage social networks to reach and engage prospective customers. The evolving social media ecosystem has also enhanced ease of use of these networks and provided more capabilities for businesses. For example,

    Our minds are the most powerful organs and whilst most of us do not know this fact or they ignore it then we are caught unawares. Here I am going to demystify the power of thought. We are in control of our thoughts we become what we think about. That little truth holds the secret

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