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The phantom 4 pro is a powerful drone that has the features of an upgraded Phantom 4 though it is most important to note that its performance is better that that of phantom 4. It has faster ascent speed and also the overall speed which are all achievable with new motors and a very strong

In the recent past, social media has gained traction among many companies. With the continually increasing social media user base, businesses have sought to leverage social networks to reach and engage prospective customers. The evolving social media ecosystem has also enhanced ease of use of these networks and provided more capabilities for businesses. For example,

Our minds are the most powerful organs and whilst most of us do not know this fact or they ignore it then we are caught unawares. Here I am going to demystify the power of thought. We are in control of our thoughts we become what we think about. That little truth holds the secret

It is unbiblical and criminal to sit on your couch and whine you have no job or capital. 2nd Thessalonians 10: “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat”. Surely, you can make something with your hands and resell it at a