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We believe that technology can improve lives and solve problems facing society. We achieve this by offering quality, commitment, and reliability in everything we do. We are looking for like-minded businesses and individuals to join us in providing problem-solving tech solutions.

Partnership with Hudutech is more than profit & liability sharing. We bring nobility and kindness on the work surface to increase profit, develop a brand, and improve life using technology. We work with individuals, small businesses, medium businesses, and big companies.

At Hudutech, it’s a journey to build a win-win partnership with extended visionary & highly motivated professional organizations.

Partnerships we offer

Referral Partner

Discover new business opportunities and earn generous rewards, generous commissions, and have access to top-performing marketing creative.

Join Hudutech as a partner and become a part of our easy, flexible, and structured referral program. In the process, you’ll earn generous commissions and have access to top-performing marketing creative, online research, and periodic payment processing. We’ll share you new market updates, Identify new opportunities, and guide you in the latest techniques, so you can measure activities and get the best reward of the efforts to grow your business.

Being a referral partner, you play the role of a Business Executive that generates qualified & confirmed business sales lead, which is directed to Hudutech.

You are also involved at the pre-sales level to facilitate presales and techno-commercial discussions with qualified leads.


Business partner

If you are a small, medium, or large business and need or offer software, mobile app, web development, and other IT services. And maybe you lack in-house resources or does not have a specific requirement. We can partner with you to provide what you need.

Also, if your business has a high marketing capacity to generate leads, that need IT services  such as web development, mobile app development, software installation and consultation. Its time to reach out for Hudutech.

We have the expertise to carry ultimate world-class solutions of all IT support services to any industry, even for the most challenging tasks. Our stable extensive experience of IT services that have produced significant cost savings facilitate growth, maintenance support, and higher long-term value for a partner. We support our business partner to focus more on their full potential of business by providing future-proof solutions for their requirements.


1. Dedicated support team

As a partner, you can contact our dedicated team—including Support Engineers, Solution Architects, and Business Developers—who are invested in your success and will work closely with you to help achieve your goals.

2. Exclusive pricing models that are good for growth and margins

We will guide you on how to make the business even healthier by implementing a predictable recurring revenue model. This will help you improve margins and save your clients money so that you can reinvest your savings in your growth.

3. Partner Training

Hudutech Partner Training program can help your team deepen their knowledge and skills, differentiate their business, and better serve their customers.

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