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    The phantom 4 pro is a powerful drone that has the features of an upgraded Phantom 4 though it is most important to note that its performance is better that that of phantom 4. It has faster ascent speed and also the overall speed which are all achievable with new motors and a very strong battery which is a superior one as compare to the others. This machine which have an inspiration of awe has a capability of reaching dizzying speeds which are about 65-70 mph which also have an increased thirty minutes flight time. Drone pilots will be more than happy to have an experience of the each of the five nuances which are of the newest intelligent flight modes. They include Draw, Gesture, tripod and also flight mode.  There is also another new addition that is notable for the phantom series which is the Narrow Sensing and the revamped Smart Return Home function.

    The smart return home is a new feature that will obviously push the drone technology to very new levels and heights. This Phantom 4 pro is able to form a map of its surrounding environments in real time and then select which is the best path to fly back home making it one of the most intelligent drones ever made. It is able to detect an object that is far from it as far as 300 meters to avoid colliding with the object. In the case where the Phantom 4 drone has lost its signal it will only take about one minute to retrace the path where it was before originally.

    The Phantom 4 has also a narrow sensing function that works when the drone adjusts its sensing range and also the speed of flight so as it can be able to navigate through very narrow gaps.  It is also good to note that this drone can be able to sense obstacles from about five directions thus making it very hard for one to be able to crash and damage the drone. The camera is also a smart one with its capability being 20 megapixels with a mechanical shutter and a big sensor. The sensor for its camera is about four times larger the most of the ones in the market. Thus making it the best drone for video recording whatsoever. The mechanical shutter eliminates the distortion that can be caused by a Rolling shutter when the images of fast moving objects are being taken. DJI Phantom 4 PRO Drone also boasts an up to 4k 60FPS video recording which is a slow movement at the fingertips meaning it is clear and worth viewing. DJI Phantom 4 PRO Drone Quad copter Bundle Kit is also made more complete to the satisfaction of the client by it being added some very unique and must have accessories to the packages. The description for a list that is included in the bundle will always be included in the DJI Phantom 4 PRO Drone Quad copter Bundle Kit.

    From what we have above it is clearly evident that DJI Phantom 4 PRO Drone Quad copter Bundle Kit is the hottest drone in the market. Whatever you need it for it is the best option that will give you value for your money. If you need to order this kit please go to amazon and order from there.

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