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    4 best Side Hustle Ideas to Make Money Online

    Why work 8 hours while you can work 10,000 hours a day?

    You can multiply your productivity by tenfold, a hundredfold, or a thousandfold.

    All you need is the requisite technology.

    In 2019, technology, success in business, and a website/smartphone app must be used in the same sentence. The combo is near perfect when applied in:

    1. Blogging

    It feels so satisfying to write about your interests and hobbies. Starting a blog only requires a good website. You can turn your hobbies into money through eBooks, affiliate marketing, etc.

    2. Freelance writing

    Instead of going through the hassles of getting clients through other sites, why not fish for customers through a website made by supportive website developers in Kenya.

    3. eBooks

    Amazon started as an online bookstore. You can market your well-written eBooks on a professional website. Good website developers in Kenya can offer you the opportunity to sell your content fast and easy.

    4. Article writing

    You can be a copywriter, do ghost-writing, or SEO writing. All you need is a little skill and a good way of looking for clients. Cheap website developers in Kenya can assist you in the search for customers.

    5. Academic writing

    This is one of the most profitable online activities. However, academic writers often get low wages due to dealing with broker websites. You can get direct clients who will pay you well if you have a professional website.

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